Deodorants and other things.

“Clean” is a controversial term in the beauty industry. Mostly because the FDA doesn’t regulate the term (OR the terms ‘natural,’ ‘green’ or ‘eco’ for that matter - and while we’re on the topic, should we mention that the FDA has only banned 11 ingredients from use in beauty products in the US versus around 1,300 in the EU).

And so like everything these days, companies have taken matters into their own hands with branding and marketing (what we would call “greenwashing”). Jessica Defino, a very bare-bones beauty blogger who I follow, has THIS to say about making your own determination on what “clean” is. And, of course, Goop has some thoughts on the matter too.

Personally, I think Beautycounter’s stance on safety in personal care/beauty products is one of the most robust out there (and hence why I support them the way I do).

The key here: educate yourself. Read! Ask questions! (I’ve been known to email companies asking them about the ‘fragrance’ listed in their ingredient list). And to quote Pat Schramm, incremental changes are good. You don’t need to throw out every piece of makeup, skincare, household cleaners and toxic candles on the same day. Start small. Make a list. You’ve got this.

One way you can do just this is by swapping your traditional anti-perspirant for a “clean” non-aluminum deodorant. Here’s the thing: yes, there are some links between aluminum and breast cancer. But ultimately more research is needed to reach a consensus. I’m not big on fear-mongering and I’m not going to start here. But what I can also tell you is that aluminum prevents your body from its natural detox process: SWEATING. Anti-perspirants work but in the process your sweat glands are essentially getting jammed up and your body isn’t allowed to DO ITS THING. Deodorants, good ones that is, work by letting your body do its thing but neutralizing odor too. And let me tell you, Beautycounter’s new one is not just good - it’s GREAT. Not only does it neutralize odor but it absorbs sweat (through cornstarch and baking soda). People, it’s a win win.

And in a twist that fills my eco-conscious heart with so much joy, it’s REFILLABLE. Fuel, water and greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by 47% because of this little fact. JOY TO THE WORLD!

Ok, I’ve written way too many words on deodorant.

Go take a look here. And let me know how I can support your journey towards “clean” (whatever that means for you).