Let's Do This Thing.

(Social distancing, that is.)

Friends & family -

First and foremost, I hope that you are all staying safe during these strange and scary times. I also hope you’re able to find some silver linings, some levity, something to smile or laugh about, as you go through your day. I realize this is easy for me to say - I have a job (technology sales) that allows me to stay sheltered in my house for however long it takes. My sister Jen, a cardiac nurse practitioner at Rochester General Hospital, does not have this luxury. Nor does my friend Sara, a social worker at another hospital in Rochester or her husband Josh, a funeral director. The list goes on. Thank you and much love to all of you who are out in the trenches doing what you do best.

I’m not usually an overly optimistic person. I wouldn’t call myself negative, just more of a realist (if we’re being kind) and occasionally a cynic (if we’re not). But suddenly, I’ve found myself shouting positive thoughts from the rooftops! What is happening? Yep, I’m that girl sharing every annoyingly positive meme or message on social media. Maybe it’s my way of controlling the uncontrollable. Maybe it’s my anti-depressant or the unusually mild and sunny March days. Whatever it is, it feels good and I encourage all of you to do some of the same. Step away from the news, put your phone down (I need to remember this too), and take a deep breath. I thought I’d share a few ways I’m doing just that:

1) Binge-watching (The Americans).
- I’m going to say it - I might just like this show better than Homeland. Or should I say, it’s like Homeland but without the sometimes-hard-to-watch Carrie. It’s a spy drama set in the 1980’s and even better, Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys (main characters) fell in love during the first couple seasons and so yea, their chemistry is bonkers. Catch it on Amazon Prime.

2) Reading (non-fiction).
- Currently, I’m re-reading Where The Crawdads Sing, for my April bookclub which may end up happening via Google Hangouts. It’s such a beautiful story and hello, if the Marsh Girl can live alone with only sea gulls for friends for 20 years, we can also get through this. Highly recommend. What are you reading? Please share!

3) Working out (running outside and yoga at home).
- I must admit, my normal work-outs lend well to social distancing. I gave up a gym membership a long time ago and my workouts are a mix of running outside, Beachbody workouts at home, and yoga (home and at the studio). Efficiency trumps all for me. Here are some ideas if you’re struggling to find the motivation to workout at home. I’m totally biased but Prema Yoga Brooklyn might just be the best yoga studio this side of the Mississippi. They are closed like most every other studio around, but you can take on-demand classes with some of the most incredible teachers from the comfort of your living room. My awesome local NJ studio is also offering on-demand classes - check them out too (Baker Street Yoga). Or, get your sneakers on and go for a run. If running isn’t your thing, make it a power walk. Look up a Couch to 5k program online and maybe sooner than later you’ll find out you actually are a runner :)

4) Self-care
- If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have heard me say that my friend Sameer calls me out for being able to turn anything into a Beautycounter sales moment. Well played, Sameer, well played. But here’s the thing, self-care is not just a buzz word created by the Goop crew. We are home, many of us with kids who need to be fed and homeschooled and fed again and then maybe your 3.5 yo decides to poop in his pants (no? just here?) and then you’re trying to also answer work emails and maybe shower..you get the picture. Self-care is important. It might not include a skincare regime for you - and that’s fine. You do you. But if you’ve been thinking of investing in your skin or swapping out some of your makeup for cleaner versions, now is a great time. Reduce your toxic load and get 10% off while you’re at it. Let me know how I can help.

Keep in touch. Donate to local charities and small businesses if you can. And take care of yourselves.

Sending love and light,