Life Lessons

The jolt (or “memory,” if we’re being less dramatic) comes to me at night. As I close my eyes, I remember that both my parents are dead (or “no longer here,” if we’re still being less dramatic).

Our babysitter took Quinn to the doctor on Tuesday. He’s had a bad cold for a week and she mentioned that he was pulling on his ear. I really thought nothing of it, since he had seemed fine (or as “fine” as a newly independent and willfull three year-old can seem) so I let her take him while I stayed home to finish up some work (and maybe squeeze in a work-out). One breathing treatment, many tears, and a 10-day prescription for amoxicillin later (ahem, double ear infection), they were home. And I was officially the worst mother ever (or so I thought at the time).

I remember sitting in the waiting room at the hospital, after my mom had her stroke, surrounded by family and friends. And I vividly remember my mom’s cousin taking a phone call from her daughter while sitting there. Jamie was calling for her grandmother’s salad dressing recipe, and as I listened to Joni remind her about the red wine vinegar and olive oil and whatever else went in, I thought to myself, “who do I call now for recipes?” And today, I think, “who do I call when my baby is sick?”

It’s the mundane, like “where should I hang this picture?” and “when do I cut back these hydrangeas?” (the answer, if you’re wondering, is NOT in the spring) and “how long does it take to cook frozen chicken breasts?” (my mom’s specialty). And then there’s the not-so-mundane, like “did you feel this lonely at times when we were little?” and “how did you manage to make us all feel special and loved at all times?” and most importantly, “will you come hold my hand?”

I’ve lived almost eight years without my mom. I can measure those eight years in so many ways, but it came to me during one of those jolts the other night, that I can also measure them through the lessons I haven’t received. A more scientific or measured person might scoff at that - of course you can’t measure something with nothing. Or can’t you?

I wish for you all a happy and and healthy holiday season…full of family and friends, love and light, and maybe a few lessons learned along the way.

PS - some of you know this picture of my mom well. It was taken at me and Pat’s wedding, as she watched her sweet babies (literally, the kids in the wedding, NOT me and Pat :)) come down the aisle….

In Beautycounter news, the CEO, Gregg Renfrew, was in DC this week, testifying as an expert witness in Congressional hearings on cosmetic reforms. It was quite an honor for Beautycounter to have a seat at the table, if you will. Here’s an excerpt of an interview the following day, summarizing the hearings (basically, there has been no significant reform in over 80 years…so maybe it’s time for you to act, Congress?!?)

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Lots of love,

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