But also: "Back to School" during a Pandemic // FMOZ // FREE GIFTS

Here in New Jersey, we are ‘preparing’ for virtual 1st grade (if by ‘preparing’ you mean not knowing what day school actually starts OR how to log into the district’s platform BUT with one very-stylishly-dressed-almost-7-year-old). The picture below is me…but how are YOU?

My prior boss (who will forever go down in history as the best boss ever - and I’m not just saying that because she sometimes reads this.. :)) used to send out something to our entire team called Friday Moment of Zen. It was a collection of work reminders plus fun / light-hearted-real-world-updates. I thought I’d share something similar here even though it’s Thursday and I’m not your boss.

1) What I’ve Been Reading:

Colson Whitehead’s critically aclaimed “Underground Railroad” and “Nickel Boys.” The former was pretty incredible yet I lacked the insight to realize there was this whole allegory thing going on and so half of it went over my head. The latter was so tightly written and I so quickly read that I’m afraid I missed half of it. Verdict - I might need to re-read both.

Pachinko - the most incredible, sweeping story of multiple generations of Koreans living in Japan. The story spans from the early to the late 1900s and I’m embarrassed to say I knew so little of the persecution that Koreans have faced in Asia throughout history. Verdict - recommend, recommend, recommend!

2) What I’ve Been Eating:

Roasted tomatoes. No, this is not earth-shattering but actually, maybe it is. Tomatoes are so good right now (especially if you get your bootie to a farmers’ market) that you really don’t even need to roast them. But just do it anyway. Preferably with lots of olive oil, salt/pepper, basil and garlic cloves (and a pinch of sugar). I used them this week to top some rice bowls with but my friend Cheri made a killer pasta with them this past weekend - and I’m also thinking of a little burrata and bread action for this weekend.

3) What I’ve Been Listening To / Watching:

Armchair Expert, always. Preferably with Jason Bateman. ALSO very on brand: Jason Bateman’s new podcast SmartLess, with Sean Hayes and Will Arnett - go listen to our girl Kamala and/or Melissa McCarthy. 2 smart and bad-ass ladies.

COBRA KAI!!!!!! OMG I am GIDDY about this show. This Karate Kid re-boot is equal parts cheesy, nostalgic and maybe even brilliant television. Watch it now.

4) Beautycounter updates (did you think you’d get through this without a BC mention??)

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    Sending love to you all!