And better than ever?

Have you guys missed me? Ready for another FRIDAY (Wednesday) Moment of Zen?

1) What I’ve been reading - (Connect with me on GoodReads):

  • The Wreckage of My Presence - Pat gave me the side-eye as I laughed out loud next to him while reading this. And then proceeded to cry in the next breath. It’s a collection of of essays by the comedian/actress Casey Wilson; and now excuse me while I go binge-watch Happy Endings from start to finish….

  • Washington Black - this month’s book club pick, I was meh on this one. And I’m likely in the extreme minority here as it was shortlisted for the Man Booker prize….

2) What I’ve been watching -

  • The Chair - PERFECTION. But Netflix, wwwwhhhhhhyyyyy only 6 episodes???

  • Modern Love - I’m only 1.5 episodes in but HOLY SHIT that first episode. Ugly sobs.

  • Ridley Jones - yes, this is a kid’s show and no, it’s not my favorite but it’s cute and these are some hard times, people. PLUS, I just found out that it’s the first Netflix kids’ show to feature a non-binary character!

3) What I’ve been cooking -

  • Anything with tomatoes and cucumbers (summer don’t go!)

  • BEANS! I just bought Dinner A Love Story’s new cookbook, The Weekday Vegetarians, and am inspired to up the number of non-meat meals we eat. Exhibit 1: “Pizza Salad” with marinated beans. Exhibit 2: homemade hummus.

  • This Kitchen Clambake, c/o my friend Jill, who made it for us ladies one night last month. I then made it on vacation in NH and will recreate it again for our annual Labor Day clambake. Jill’s tip: add Old Bay seasoning. Lots of it.

4) Beautycounter news!

Ladies/gents, there is so much newness happening over at Beautycounter!


  • Cream Eyeshadows!

  • Primer!

  • Cream blush (coming soon!)

Last but not least, if you have ever thought you might want to join me - either for the 25% discount, for some extra pocket change or for a little fun (?!) now is a perfect time to join - for 3 days, it only costs $20.21 to join (get it?? :))

Lots of love!